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Additional Jobs
Installed backup generator system in Building 7407 at Dyess AFB, Texas.

Numerous renovations on eleven dorm complexes.

Renovated three floors of airmans training school.

Numerous security updates on B-1 and C-130 simulator facilities.

Installed Monico Addressable Fire Alarm Systems on three temporary lodging facilities on Dyess AFB, Texas. These were the first systems of their kind to be installed anywhere. CAMCAT, Inc. acted as liason between manufacturer and base personnel to identify design problems and applications needs.

Installed Jack Test Stand (Engineering platform for testing B-1 hydraulic lifts)

Replaced dorm windows in 218 units in Building 6135 on Dyess AFB, Texas.

Placed 1600 feet of curb and gutter at POL fuel truck parking area for enviromental containment of spills on the area.

Installed six new kitchens in dorms on Dyess AFB, Texas.

Renovated Law Enforcement Desk Area including new computer flooring, communication wiring and equipment, bullet-proof walls and bullet-proof window.

Renovated Building 9203 for OSI relocation on Dyess AFB, Texas.

Installed communication vault and main switch for OSI on Dyess AFB, Texas.

Numerous road bores and casing projects including utility and communication jobs.

Numerous aspalt paving projects.

Numerous demolition and renovations.